Saturday, 26th October 2019

This evening we joined together for our annual St Simons’ * Day dinner.

We all enjoyed a new culinary experience…

Our ‘Patronal Festival’ dinner was catered for by Selvam’s Dosas, a refugee Tamil couple who are trying to get a catering business established in Gungahlin.

We felt that it would be good to support them as well as giving us a new taste experience!


The menu was Vadas, rice, Jaffna Dosa (sambar with sambal), Beef Curry Chicken Curry, Vegetable Salad, Dessert: Egg Vittilappam (cardamon-spiced coconut custard).

Beaudy Uke entertaining us during dinner

* Pedantry: We have decided that as no one can tell us who the Simon is that St Simon’s is named for, we’re adopting all the Simons – hence the apostrophe is now AFTER the s.