Come and enjoy Christmas Carols in Lawson
this Sunday 9th December ’18 from 5pm to 7pm in the big park on Wanderlight Ave.
There’ll be a (free) BBQ too!
It was fun last year, and we hope it’ll be fun again this year!






The inaugural Carols at Lawson

Was from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday 10th Dec ’16, with a free BBQ too!

Lawson is a brand new suburb, & only a few people are living there yet…

Lots of fun, singing, & conversations around the BBQ…


At a park in Lawson,

with some lovely trees for shade,

& concrete seats built in…


15541190_1821797878077098_2902886887311686190_n The Music Team:



and Ukuleles  too !




The BBQ Team.

Wonderful sausages, onions, & optional sauce,

all on a slice of fresh white bread – yum!