The Rev Tracey Matthews (Locum – May 2024)

The Rev Tracey Mattews is currently serving as our Locum Rector.  She previously served at St Simon’s as Associate Priest in 2016-17 and Locum Rector 2019.  Tracey served as Rector of Glenrock Anglican in Newcastle Diocese in 2019-2022. 

She is currently completing a PhD at Charles Sturt University through St Mark’s National Theological College.  Her research is focussed on human transformation through discipleship in the way of Jesus Christ for 21st century Australia.

Tracey Reconciliation Sunday pic crop 01

Reconciliation Sunday 3.6.18

Tracey Paul painting farewell 17 9 2017 sm2

Tracey commissioned local indigenous artist Leah Brideson to paint her vision for pioneer ministry (unveiled at her farewell, with Paul)



Tracey, with folk from St Simon’s who attended her Ordination as Priest on 26 November 2016

The Rev Paul Cohen May 2013 – May 2024

Rector, & Archdeacon of North Canberra
E-mail The Rev Paul Cohen May 2013 – May 2024
Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen

City to Surf

City to Surf

Quiz time, Carols @ Lawson December 2019

St Simon’s 40th Anniversary






Paul & Sue (a workforce planner) were married in 1987; they have a daughter 27, and two sons 24 and 22, & Sue’s mum Judy has been an integral part of their family life for the past 25 years.

After growing up and then ministering in Sydney (Camden Parish 4yrs & Malabar Parish 8yrs) he ministered in Cooma Parish (NSW) from 2005 to April 2013, when Paul then joined the energetic folk at St Simon’s in May 2013 – & he thoroughly enjoyed his time with them! Paul considers himself very blessed by the Lord to be ministering amongst and alongside mature, energetic & godly people.

Paul was diagnosed with CLL (chronic leukaemia) in Sept 2018, & after 6 months of chemotherapy to March ’19, & a graduated return to work to June ’19, he was then back full-time and fit as a Mallee bull and harder to kill than a brown dog!

Paul is very grateful to all those who have prayed for him & continue to pray for him – and also very grateful to our Lord!

Paul was appointed Archdeacon of North Canberra in mid-2018.

Paul left his ministry as Rector at St Simon’s at the end of April 2024 when he was appointed to be Rector of the Queanbeyan and District parish.


(For more info about Paul’s history and interests, check out Rev Paul Cohen on