Our church wall hanging features three stages of Jesus’ life – Baptism, Crucifixion and Ascension – in an Australian setting.  The hanging incorporates water and a star symbolising Kaleen and Giralang.  (Kaleen is the Wiradjuri aboriginal tribe word for water and Giralang means star.)  The Royal Bluebell, which is the ACT’s floral emblem, is included in each panel.

  • The first panel depicts morning – the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry.
  • The central panel depicts day.  The figures in the foreground represent the disciples, shepherds or us watching the crucifixion.  An empty tomb can be seen in the group of rocks.
  • The third panel depicts evening – the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  The people on the road again represent the disciples or us and the road disappearing into the distance signifies Jesus’ command to us to proclaim the gospel throughout the world.

The first panel was finished in December 1988;  the second panel was finished in February 1989 and the third panel was finished in April 1989.  They were all hung for the first time together on the Sunday after Ascension.  The small group of ladies who have worked on these hangings have all stitched their names on the back.The tryptic hanging is constructed in fabric and is quilted.  It features in the book ‘The Patchwork Pilgrimage’ by Jill Liddell.