The new suburb of LAWSON was added to our Parish

(one of Canberra’s newest suburbs)

and so…

After the 9am combined service on 22 March 2015,

and before we began our ‘Dreams into Reality’ Review meeting,

we convened as a Special General Meeting

to discuss one issue only – the suggested Parish name change,

to include the word ‘Lawson‘.

After much discussion, including some hilarious suggestions for new names for the Parish, and a suggestion to have Giralang first “because the parish began in a house in Giralang”, our church family finally agreed on a very imaginative new name for the Parish

“Kaleen, Giralang, Lawson”

The Lawson Dream Team

The Team have been visiting people as they move in to their new homes in Lawson, with a gift to welcome them.

We held the inaugural Christmas Carols in the park at Lawson in December 2016, and followed up with Christmas Carols in the new park at Lawson in 2017 & 2018.

We’re gearing up for our 4th Carols in Lawson on December 15th 2019…