Our parish began in the developing suburb of Giralang with the first service being held in the rectory at 10 Centaurus St, Giralang on 7th March 1976.  Seventeen people including the celebrant were present.

With our congregation growing we found it necessary to move services to the Giralang Community House when it opened in September 1976.  Rather than be known as “Belconnen E” it was decided to ask the Bishop in Council to approve the name of St. Simon’s for our church.  This was agreed to on 1 May 1977.  Kaleen was being built and the congregation grew with the influx of people into that suburb. Parishioners were in the forefront of community affairs, a Youth Group was led by two of our number.  The local Sea Scout group had 4 leaders from among St. Simon’s people, and several of our parishioners served on local community groups such as Giralang and Kaleen Community House Associations.  With the opening of Giralang School we moved there in February 1977 to make use of its superior facilities. To enable parishioners to grow in faith, bible study and prayer groups were regularly held. In 1978 we moved to larger facilities in Kaleen High School.

At a vision day which was held in 1986 all parishioners were able to contribute to a wide range of subjects which included Worship, Missions, Prayer and building.  From that came our aims, “To Glorify God, to make known the gospel, and to minister to those in need”. The decision was made that St. Simon’s should begin a building program.  In October 1987 the lease on the land was handed over and St. Simon’s Anglican Church took possession of a block of land near the Kaleen Village Centre.  Construction of the Rectory facing Staaten Crescent was begun in December 1987 and completed for occupation on 25th April 1988.  Construction of stage one of the building began immediately and our first service was held by candlelight on Christmas Eve 1988.  Much of the construction of the building, its fitting out and furnishing, and the landscaping was done with our own hands.

Extraordinary interest charges prevented us from doing more than pour the cement slab for the second stage of the building (the narthex, parish office and meeting room).  As a result, arrangements for Sunday School remained far from ideal, with classes being held in the Rectory and in a portable construction shed in the parish grounds.  It was therefore decided to proceed with the second stage of the building as soon as possible.  Most of the money was either donated or provided as interest-free loans and work commenced in July 1991.  Again, a significant amount of the labour was provided voluntarily.  The extension was officially opened by Bishop Owen Dowling in March 1992.

To celebrate St Simon’s Day 2009 we held a night of good food, fellowship and musical entertainment. With the final payment being made on the church loan in September that year, we were finally allowed us to consecrate the building.  The Right Rev Len Eacott, AM, Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force, and also a St Simon’s parishioner,  consecrated the building. Following the service at morning tea, a cake made and decorated by Doreen Tuckwell, was cut by Grace and Ernie Brand (original parishioners) and Hannah Church (the youngest member of the parish at that time).

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